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I have always been infatuated with chef's knives. I have many higher quality knives that I've acquired over the years that were perfectly functional. But I've always lusted after a piece that's both a functional tool as well as a work of art. I was introduced to Robert's work through a close friend who has worked with Robert on other projects. And after seeing his work, I was excited to have found someone to make my knife a reality. But, after working with Robert, painstakingly talking through every aspect of my knife and receiving my knife, I can say with every ounce of conviction that my dream was far exceeded and Robert is at the pinnacle of his craft. 


This knife is absolutely beautiful. A work of art that only exceeds its visual beauty with its functionality. She is a beast. She is amazing to hold and has incredible sharpness. I love the piece that Robert created for me. She will be a part of my kitchen for decades to come and I'm sure will be fought over by coming generations. I can only say that I'm beyond grateful and lucky to care for her and use her while I'm around 


Thank you, Robert!  A thousand thank yous. You have made a dream a reality. " 

                                                                                                                                            -Dan M.


"Robert is a natural educator who genuinely desires to share his craft. He came prepared with visual aids, touchable samples and all necessary tools to introduce the public to blacksmithing safely. Our visitors were fascinated by the glowing forge and real-world processes of Wilderness Ironworks."    -Angela, Program Manager at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh  (


"We were very happy with all aspects of Robert's services at both sessions of the Steel City Big Pour 2011. Our patrons enjoyed seeing him at work, and the items he made were very attractive and popular."   - Nicola Coohill, Office and Communication Coordinator    Construction Junction


"The Mini Dirk arrived today and I could not be more pleased. Words fail me in describing how much I like how it turned out. You truly are a Master Knife Maker. I will display it with pride! Thank you so much!" -Bob C.


"A great service for a supreme price." -Kristof O.


"Thank you so much again for the steel rose you made for Gwen! She REALLY enjoyed it! It's extremely well made, and we're all exceedingly impressed. You're the best!" -Luke W.


"Seax came yesterday and it is gorgeous. Love the pattern welded blade. Thanks again." -Allen A.


"I bought a knife for my sister. I liked it so, much I had to buy one too." -George B.


"Thanks, the dirk is fantastic , great craftsmenship , wooden sheath (wow) thought it was leather in the picture--- very cool ---- " -Johnathan A.


"The knives have arrived!  They are works of art! Many thanks." -Brian H.


"Just collected the knife. Awesome. Feels great, balance perfect and has some solid weight to it. Love the sheath and the whole "old timers" look and feel to it. Thanks Rob, great job." -Roy L.


"The camp chopper arrived and the pictures did not do it justice, a beautiful work of art and function!" -Dave D.


"The puukko looks amazing!  It's going to make a great gift.  I look forward to ordering my own, soon." - Erik Y.


"Summing it up, I love the axe.  It fills a gap in my edge tool quiver nicely, and will get a lot of use in the coming months." -Bryan D.


 "I recently acquired a pack axe from here. In a word, perfection. Highly recommend this axe folks, especially if your a woodsman/bushcrafter. It's a very light and nimble, but incredibly capable tool for the woods."  -Brandon S.


"This is a man that creates quality and stands behind his can't do better than that.The Damascus ring that he created for me is nothing short of a masterpiece."  -David S.


"My son and I just finished making our knives in Robert's class. Would highly recommend." -Ken K.


"Just received my Pack Axe today and totally impressed. The next step is to hit the trails and do what she was meant to do. Thanks Robert." -David R.




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